True Grace Room Diffuser

True Grace Room Diffuser


A softly smoked apothecary bottle, full of beautiful fragrance. As the bundle of natural reeds soak up the fragrance, they fill any room with a constant warmth and atmosphere.

Fresh for up to 10 weeks.

Includes a Fresh Bundle of Reeds.


Amber - A warm and seductive fragrance, a pure indulgence.

Black Lily - A garden at night. An exotic blend of Violets, Jasmine, Lily and Vanilla, refreshed with Bergamot.

Blackcurrant - Cassis with a hint of Clove and Jasmine mixed with Moss to create this perfume.

English Garden - Memories of garden parties and afternoon tea. Basil, black pepper and cedarwood.

Fig - The sensuous sweetness and velvety texture are recalled in this warm and deep fragrance.

Library - A smoky blend of Cedar and Sandalwood with a little birch tar, Amber and moss.

Orangery - A Victorian orangery shielding precious citrus trees from the English weather. Orange blossom blended with deeper Rose and Jasmine perfumes.

Portobello Oud - Memories of our candle stall among a myriad of others selling exotic food & spices.

Curious - We looked for the truly eccentric mixture of masculine leather tones and feminine florals, Heady and sharp frankincense, with tones of spice, is softened with warm vanilla.