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As a John Sankey Retailer we love to work with a product that offers quality, creativity and design of the highest level. We offer an exclusive collection of sofas, chairs and ottomans where we can offer finishing details and dimensions to create a truly unique product. With a comprehensive range of fabrics and the ability to use other fabric ranges we offer a fully bespoke service so our customers can benefit from our years of experience in creating exactly what they are looking for.

View the John Sankey Collections by using the links below. Each piece is priced based on the fabrics used so please use the Contact Us or call us on 01580 761008 for for pricing and delivery information.


Luxury Bristish Handmade Sofas

Each piece is truly individual and created with inspired design, the luxury of time and unfailing attention to detail.


Timeless & Beautiful Chairs

Beautifully shaped and made by hand, each sofa, chair and item of furniture in the John Sankey collection will stand the test of time.


Stools and Ottomans

As one of my most popular offerings, this service has helped countless clients attain the designed space they’re looking for. As with every service, this is completely customized to your unique needs.

View the Stool & Ottomans Collection
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