Our luxury faux fur throws, comforters and faux fur cushions are hand-made in the UK by Helen Moore and are made of rich soft fabrics. Our throws are available in a range of colours and sizes.

Comforter Throw - 145cm x 90cm - £145

Standard Throw - 180cm x 145cm - £245

Bed Runner Throw - 214 x 140cm - £295

Large Bed Runner - 244 x 140cm - £345

King Size Throw - 220cm x 230cm - £595

Please note most throws are available to ship within 3 working days but some orders may take up to 3 weeks if the throws need to be made to order - this usually applies to larger throws. We will confirm expected delivery times on receipt of order or you can make an advance enquiry using our online enquiry form



Throws and Skins