Volcanic Rock Room Diffuser

Volcanic Rock Room Diffuser


Contained in our Magma Rocks gift box is a 15ml Glass dropper with the pipette containing the fragrance. Empty the vocanic rocks from the cotton bag into the amber bowl and then use the pipette to put the oil onto the rocks.

Whenever the scent becomes weaker use the pipette to draw liquid from the glass dropper and once again distribute a few drops evenly around the rocks.

Repeat this process whenever the scent dissipates until the bottle is empty.


Refills of fragrances are available.


Cool Woods - This smooth oriental fragrance features agarwood, sandalwood, mandarin and vanilla gliding into base notes of white musk and aloe vera.

Smokey Velvet - Middle eastern inspired Tobacco and Oudh scent with notes of orange, mandarin and various spices.

Wild Gardens - A fresh herbal accord opening with citrus notes of orange, lime and tangerine combined with green leaf, spearmint, peppermint rosemary, pine, eucalyptus and armoise with floral notes of muguet and hints of spice.